Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lovely Double Crochet Blanket

I love this color yarn. 
It's from Red Heart and is called Williamsburg! 
With variegated colors that are closer than usual. And what I mean by that is, the amount of dye on a strand of yarn are shorter than what is most common. 
Its one of those colors you don't find in a store. But I found it on the Red Heart website while scrolling through all of their colors, looking for something unique.
The skein is a bit smaller (5 oz), though, so when I decided to make this blanket, I needed twice as much yarn as with other skeins. (of course I didn't realize that until I bought the first batch of yarn - 10 skeins, And then I saw that I needed to order another 10 skeins! And then another!) 
Luckily, the yarn was on sale - 1/2 price!
This one will be about a full size blanket, or large enough to cover just the top of a queen size bed, but at the moment, I'm about half way finished, and I can't wait till its done!
(because I have another project blanket I want to start!)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Soft Spot for Sweets

It's no secret that I LOVE sweets! Especially when there's chocolate involved!
Just look at this!
And this!
It looks so delicious!
Soo good!
Pinterest is the perfect place for mouth-watering, tempting desserts, and even the recipes for making them.
Gee, I wish you could order foods from the Pinterest menu!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

If Would Be Heaven To Me If.....

Aside from the religious perspective of Heaven and all of its meanings, I got to thinking about what Heaven would be like; who would be there, what we would see, how would we feel......

It would heaven to me if there were pine trees, green grasses, ferns, cool air, breezes, blue skies, clouds, and a sprinkle of rain now and then. All of my growing up and adult life has been associated with frequent camping trips in the trees. Being in the forest is a part of me. There would definitely be no bugs, flies, or spiders...

It would be heaven to me if I could be of benefit to someone else. Whether in service, or conversation, it would be heaven if my efforts were useful and helpful to someone else. Not for my own gratification, but for the betterment of others.

It would be heaven to me if I could quilt, sew, and crochet things to give away to people who needed and wanted them. These are passions of mine that I like to make and share.

It would be heaven to me if there were flowers of every kind everywhere, especially the strongly scented ones. They would be wonderful to look at, and especially nice to smell. And they'd be all over the place, wherever I went. Vines, bushes, in gardens, along the roadsides, and in vases. Everywhere!

It would be heaven to me if there were music ringing in every corner of the world. Light music, soft music, dancing music, rock music that's upbeat---all clean. The music would be the kind that sinks into your heart and makes you happy, and makes you dance, and sway.

It would be heaven to me if I could have the body I had at 24 years of age. At that age, I felt physically good (and mentally, too!) Those were the years of single-handedly moving furniture around the living room (some of it quite heavy), painting bedrooms, and mowing the grass; of carrying on my hip one toddler, holding the hand of another, and loading a cart full of groceries and kids into the car quickly. (it was hard, but I miss those days)

It would be heaven to me if I could have endless supplies for making Chocolate Chip Cookies everyday. I would eat half the batch fresh out of the oven, and share the rest each time I made them. (and I wouldn't get sick!) Speaking of baking, I would want to make danishes, breads, cakes and pies. All of which would be enjoyed by family and friends. An extension of that would be helping my husband run a little restaurant. He would do all the cooking, because he's a fantastic chef, and I'd taste test everything he made!

It would be heaven to me if I could have a Doberman Pincher dog, and not be allergic to him (it would be a male dog). I would play and roughhouse with him, walk/run around the neighborhood, and then have him rest his head on my feet while I sit on the sofa in the evening. He would be the usual black color with a little brown.

It would be heaven to me if I had all the time in the world to do all of the things I'd wanted to do during this life that take time to learn. Not that I haven't done many things in my life, but time hasn't permitted me to pursue hobbies that seemed intriguing. There wouldn't be a clock to abide by, no rush, no deadlines or time limits on when I could start something and end something, and I'd have plenty of time to learn new things. And anything I created would be of benefit to someone else.

It would be heaven to me if I could continue to bear children and not be in pain: babies, babies, babies! I loved carrying them during pregnancy, and I loved delivering them (but not the painful part). I loved their sweet newborn smell, their tiny features, and their little cries. It would be heaven to keep babies coming!

It would be heaven to me if I knew that my husband and I could be together forever. We could spend time together alone, and also with our family. We would laugh, cook, garden, eat tons, and hike hills and mountains together. This would make me beyond happy.

It would be heaven to me if I could listen to my husband sing: hymns, old songs, silly songs, anything...it would be great!

It would be heaven to me if I knew that ALL of our children were together with us throughout the eternities, and none were left out or left behind.

So many things would make heaven wonderful, but the best of all would be that we, my husband and I, and all of our children, would be happy! Together!

(in thinking more about this subject, there may be more added to this post at a later date)

In thinking about what more to add about what heaven could be, I've decided that adding the word "forever" to the last thought (above) would be perfect. It would read:  ...it would be heaven if my husband and I, and all of our children could be happy together FOREVER!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is Blogging Fading?

After not writing on any of my blogs in over a year, I thought I'd "visit" them and see what I posted last, and see if anyone else has visited.

I was quite surprised to find that my blog has been quiet. In the past, blogging was quite popular, and EVERYONE had a blog. Friends would write, check in on their favorites, post comments, and spent a good part of the day doing something with a blog. Now, things have changed. And, well, I guess I'm not too surprised that my blog has been quiet. Nothing here is THAT interesting, so it made me think…..is the blogging world fading? And is tweeting, facebooking, and website surfing taking over? Is the fan based blog world diminishing? Or is there still the massive group of people/friends still blogging, but there isn't as much notoriety with it?

I still consider it a place to write thoughts, get feedback from others, and enjoy checking in on favorite blogs for ideas, thoughts, and laughs.

I'd be curious to see how many others feel the same way, or have a different view on the whole subject….

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Take on the Long Life Salad

Based on an episode from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, this salad lives up to its popularity among healthy eaters.
It's a salad with tons of good stuff, some of which, one wouldn't think could/should be combined.
It's great!
The ingredients are kale, quinoa, lentils, black beans, black eyed peas, lima beans, golden raisins, dried prunes, walnuts, and mango
Added ingredients could be sunflower seeds, pecans
I used a citrus salad dressing which adds a twist.
In this picture, I used romaine lettuce instead of kale; but kale works better.
Truly healthy, I can see where this salad would help you live longer!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Opened My Pincushion and Found This!

I made a new pincushion and wanted to get what I thought would be a few needles out of the old pincushion. Boy, was I surprised to find 38 needles hiding in the yarn stuffing!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Bible Video Phenomenon

Over the past year or so, since the church has made available some bible videos depicting the life of Christ, we'd watched a few a while back and thought, "Oh, how nice. The church has made some videos about the Savior."
But it wasn't until we started watching them more often that something remarkable happened.
The videos seem to be produced every month, if not every few weeks, or so, and the messages are straight from the scriptures.
As we marveled at how we felt after watching one or two, we decided to play the videos, non-stop, one Sunday morning before church. Our church time was at 1pm, so we had all morning to let the spirit of the videos linger, and let the scripture messages sink into our minds. It was amazing how "light" we felt attending our meetings that day, with the thoughts of the Savior always present.
Since then, we've  been thrilled at each new video that's posted, and watch them over and over. Like reading the scriptures, each time we've watched a video, something new jumps out. Some part of the scripture that had been skimmed over, all of a sudden makes more sense, or brings to memory something that needs to be addressed in our testimonies.
Because they're scripture based, we can refer to the scripture reference included at the end of most of them, and continue our study of the New Testament and the life of the Savior.
The phenomenon is that our testimonies of the Savior have grown stronger simply by watching these bible videos and allowing the messages to settle on us (along with lifting the spirit of our home!).
I wish I could tell the world about these great videos! They have such a profound effect on us!
Just try watching these videos and see if the atmosphere lifts your spirit!
Bible Videos: www.lds.org/bible-videos

Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Inheritance

An inheritance:
Inheritance is something you get from your ancestors, whether a possession or a characteristic.  In times past, land was considered an inheritance to be given to descendants. In more modern day, an inheritance might be defined as a possession left to family members in the way of money, silverware, jewelry, a set of tools, etc.

But considering the word inheritance, it requires us to look back to our ancestors, for what they’ve left for us. If we look forward, we look to our posterity. Our children.

So on the other side of the question, we could ask, what we are saving or intending to give to our children as their inheritance. Would it be a possession, a sum of money, or a knowledge of something that is important to us? What we consider to be worthwhile and valuable, will be important to our children and grandchildren, and they will treasure and cherish their inheritance from us simply because it was possessed by us. And this will draw them closer to us. Hopefully they will give ear to our values and bring honor to their name.

Now that's a grand inheritance!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Go Back and Save Us!

There's a story of a man who lived nearly 100 years ago who had a dream in which he crossed beyond the veil of this world to the world of spirits. There he saw many beautiful things and felt at peace. He was guided to a large group of people who were his relatives, who'd lived their lives many years before. When they recognized who he was, and that he was their descendant, they cheered for him and longed for him to stay with them. But then they came to understand that he had the power to enable them to be tied together forever as a family and not be eternal individuals. They all agreed and cheered for him to go back and make it possible for them to be linked together. For he was the only means in his generation that could perform this duty. All of their hopes rested on him. So he came back, in his dream, to fulfill the request of his ancestors by entering into a House of the Lord, and doing for them what they couldn't do for themselves: be linked, tied, and bound together as an eternal family.

Whether the dream is true or not, the concept is there. It is our blessing, in our day, to have the means to link our families together, both our immediate families, and those who've passed before us, and even ensure that our posterity will be tied to us as well. For when all is said and done in the end, it'll be to our credit that we fulfilled our desire to claim our ancestors, and help other families do the same.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Living Up To My Privileges

I am blessed to live in the last days when the fulness of the gospel has been restored, there is a prophet on the earth, and my home is blessed by priesthood power. I am additionally blessed to be able to stay at home, serve in callings at church, and have the time to visit on the phone and in person with my married children. I have the opportunity to read my scriptures everyday and search ways to teach those children still living at home, the things I know to be true. And I am doubly blessed to have a husband who honors his priesthood and has a job that allows him to spend time with me during a good part of the day. For I know that the more time spent on a relationship, the stronger that relationship gets.

A big deal is made of the mothers in the Book of Mormon story about the stripling warriors; how the sons of Helaman were so faithful because they trusted in their mothers faith. I submit that not only were their mothers faithful and taught their children the gospel, but that additionally, their fathers played the foundational part in their sons testimonies. For, even though women may be a driving force in passing to their children the truths of the gospel, the priesthood, which surely filled their homes, was honored by the men of that time. Not enough is implied or said about those fathers who so valiantly provided examples to their children through their service to their fellowmen. No doubt strong families prevailed in their villages and camps, and the expectation was nothing short of obedience with exactness.

Because I have been given much, I too, must give. Because of the blessings that continue to pour into my life, I too, must return and offer what I have. I must fight the temptation to sit back and relax and enjoy "my stuff." It has been my privilege to share what has been given to me, and it is still my privilege to look for empty spots that I can fill in whatever ways I can, in service to Him from whom all blessings descend.

During this season when mothers and fathers are honored for their examples to family and friends, I count my blessings to be able to have borne children in this life. And not just borne children, borne many children. It is a blessing to me to experience the ups and downs, the happiness and sadness, the little lessons of life that one doesn't happen upon unless there are many children surrounding parents. I count my life's experience so far, as above average. Rich blessings surround me, which makes me want to return and give back, and live up to my privileges and potential.

Mother's Day

I'm sure that when someone decided to add Mother's Day to the list of national holidays, their intent was to bring honor to mothers. The same with Father's Day.

However, when you're a mother and Mother's Day rolls around, there's a mix of feelings that accompany the attention for that day. It's our challenge to focus on the positive intent of our children's love for us, instead of the natural feeling of being recognized as super deserving.

Its an opportunity for the family to express their undying love for us as mothers, and our indispensability to life as they know it. All the homemade cards, kisses, hugs, and smiles, along with the other service-oriented jobs, are what make this and Father's day fun and memorable. Amidst the slight chaos are the moments cherished when a child of any age looks you in the eye and says, "I Love You." Little surprises here and there remind you to smile and be happy all day long. Our reaction to children's expressions of love may be short lived in our minds, but last a lifetime in their minds.

Sometimes it's best to look beyond the messes, the disputes, dirty clothes on the floor, and appreciate the gestures offered from children learning how to give sincerely. Time passes too fast and children grow up and move out, leaving moms and dads with only memories of those special days.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Christmas tree wall hanging - 2012

I found this design in an old quilting magazine. A hand-quilted, batting-in-the-middle, wall hanging with sequins, buttons, and beads sewn on as ornaments. I machine appliqued garland in yellow thread, and a bright yellow star on top. I hand stitched the star rays with yellow thread. 

The tree was originally supposed to be pieced together with Christmas fabric. But I wanted my tree to be all one pattern piece, so I had to design my own tree pattern, and the green fabric I used actually matches the valance next to it (not shown). 

The white background fabric is a large (about 10" x 16") piece of eyelet. I ironed some fusible webbing to machine appliqué the tree, trunk, and skirt to the background, and then added the red strips to the top and bottom. The star squares were hand sewn into each corner (because I don't like piecing little squares with the machine), and then the edges were added. The top tabs were almost the hardest to attach because just when I thought I had them all level, one would be too short. As it is, it's just a hair off, but it's done and over with! Not too bad for a first try at this pattern!

The dowel its hanging on is painted light brown and I super glued the wide red ribbon to each end, and tied a large bow at the top.

It was fun to make, so this'll be one wall hanging that we'll keep for years!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bread Baking!

Of late, I've had a blast baking bread! For my family and for friends.....anyone who'll want to taste it! I decided that I would try to sell my loaves of bread and see if anyone else liked it as well as I did.

I found out that I have really kind friends who've bought my breads! So exciting!

I bake white bread, wheat bread, and make cinnamon rolls. I started taking orders for the week ahead and get up really, really early in the morning on specific days to bake. The house smells like a bakery, and its great!

It's so fun making things in the kitchen! I've become so used to it that when I don't bake, I feel like something's wrong!

I wish I could have a bakery and sell lots more, but that probably won't happen for quite a while, if ever!

For now, I'm having lots of fun, and hope the recipients of my breads are liking what they buy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Homemade Tamales

Tamales are my favorite mexican food! I've loved them since I was a kid (which was a long time ago). Red tamales could be found on every mexican food restaurant up until about 15 years ago. Now they're not quite so popular on the menu. Green tamales are good, too, but I still like red. When I was growing up, the perfect plate was two cheese enchiladas and a red tamale, with refried beans (cheese melted on top, of course).

Having such a liking for tamales, my husband would buy (just for me) a dozen from a coworker every time they were available. However, due to rising prices, tamales have become nearly too expensive to buy.

So, like usual, we decided to try our hand at making our own. With a recipe from our son-in-law's family, we began. The first batch (pork) was okay, but a little bland. Second batch (beef), pictured above, was great! The third batch used up the meat from the first two batches, plus chicken! 

Older children came over to help and learn. I really like the big crowd cooking with all the conversation, laughing, tasting, and washing of dishes. (Thanks to all! It was lots of fun!)

The above picture is only 1/2 of the second batch. We ended up with so many, I think we'll eat something else for a while, and freeze the tamales for next month!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Started with this.......

and ended up with this.....

Yummy! More jars still to fill!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


We love camping! Out in the wilderness, no phones, no alarms, no places to be, just relaxation.

Butterflies were everywhere. All kinds, too!

Fishing is so much fun! Everyone tried to catch the biggest fish in the lake. But when that didn't work, we all just settled for anything that took the bait!

A bald eagle reserve is on one side of the lake where nesting eagles make their home. Quite a sight! It's great to see such a beautiful bird flying around.

This is just a part of the lake. It wanders on to the right and opens up to where the dock is. Just looking at this picture makes me want to go back!

A fisherman trying to add to his catch limit!

Kayaks are a great way to get around water fast.

Great fishing spot!

On one of our walks through the woods and fields, we spotted this coyote. Didn't know we had company on our outing!

We had such great fun! Camping anywhere (except the desert in the summertime) is so relaxing!