Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Bible Video Phenomenon

Over the past year or so, since the church has made available some bible videos depicting the life of Christ, we'd watched a few a while back and thought, "Oh, how nice. The church has made some videos about the Savior."
But it wasn't until we started watching them more often that something remarkable happened.
The videos seem to be produced every month, if not every few weeks, or so, and the messages are straight from the scriptures.
As we marveled at how we felt after watching one or two, we decided to play the videos, non-stop, one Sunday morning before church. Our church time was at 1pm, so we had all morning to let the spirit of the videos linger, and let the scripture messages sink into our minds. It was amazing how "light" we felt attending our meetings that day, with the thoughts of the Savior always present.
Since then, we've  been thrilled at each new video that's posted, and watch them over and over. Like reading the scriptures, each time we've watched a video, something new jumps out. Some part of the scripture that had been skimmed over, all of a sudden makes more sense, or brings to memory something that needs to be addressed in our testimonies.
Because they're scripture based, we can refer to the scripture reference included at the end of most of them, and continue our study of the New Testament and the life of the Savior.
The phenomenon is that our testimonies of the Savior have grown stronger simply by watching these bible videos and allowing the messages to settle on us (along with lifting the spirit of our home!).
I wish I could tell the world about these great videos! They have such a profound effect on us!
Just try watching these videos and see if the atmosphere lifts your spirit!
Bible Videos:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Inheritance

An inheritance:
Inheritance is something you get from your ancestors, whether a possession or a characteristic.  In times past, land was considered an inheritance to be given to descendants. In more modern day, an inheritance might be defined as a possession left to family members in the way of money, silverware, jewelry, a set of tools, etc.

But considering the word inheritance, it requires us to look back to our ancestors, for what they’ve left for us. If we look forward, we look to our posterity. Our children.

So on the other side of the question, we could ask, what we are saving or intending to give to our children as their inheritance. Would it be a possession, a sum of money, or a knowledge of something that is important to us? What we consider to be worthwhile and valuable, will be important to our children and grandchildren, and they will treasure and cherish their inheritance from us simply because it was possessed by us. And this will draw them closer to us. Hopefully they will give ear to our values and bring honor to their name.

Now that's a grand inheritance!