Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is Blogging Fading?

After not writing on any of my blogs in over a year, I thought I'd "visit" them and see what I posted last, and see if anyone else has visited.

I was quite surprised to find that my blog has been quiet. In the past, blogging was quite popular, and EVERYONE had a blog. Friends would write, check in on their favorites, post comments, and spent a good part of the day doing something with a blog. Now, things have changed. And, well, I guess I'm not too surprised that my blog has been quiet. Nothing here is THAT interesting, so it made me think… the blogging world fading? And is tweeting, facebooking, and website surfing taking over? Is the fan based blog world diminishing? Or is there still the massive group of people/friends still blogging, but there isn't as much notoriety with it?

I still consider it a place to write thoughts, get feedback from others, and enjoy checking in on favorite blogs for ideas, thoughts, and laughs.

I'd be curious to see how many others feel the same way, or have a different view on the whole subject….