Friday, July 20, 2012

Homemade Tamales

Tamales are my favorite mexican food! I've loved them since I was a kid (which was a long time ago). Red tamales could be found on every mexican food restaurant up until about 15 years ago. Now they're not quite so popular on the menu. Green tamales are good, too, but I still like red. When I was growing up, the perfect plate was two cheese enchiladas and a red tamale, with refried beans (cheese melted on top, of course).

Having such a liking for tamales, my husband would buy (just for me) a dozen from a coworker every time they were available. However, due to rising prices, tamales have become nearly too expensive to buy.

So, like usual, we decided to try our hand at making our own. With a recipe from our son-in-law's family, we began. The first batch (pork) was okay, but a little bland. Second batch (beef), pictured above, was great! The third batch used up the meat from the first two batches, plus chicken! 

Older children came over to help and learn. I really like the big crowd cooking with all the conversation, laughing, tasting, and washing of dishes. (Thanks to all! It was lots of fun!)

The above picture is only 1/2 of the second batch. We ended up with so many, I think we'll eat something else for a while, and freeze the tamales for next month!

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Nonna Beach said...

Yummy...I haven't had a freshly made tamale in years. Good for you making a variety with your family...many hands make light work !!!