Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm sure that when someone decided to add Mother's Day to the list of national holidays, their intent was to bring honor to mothers. The same with Father's Day.

However, when you're a mother and Mother's Day rolls around, there's a mix of feelings that accompany the attention for that day. It's our challenge to focus on the positive intent of our children's love for us, instead of the natural feeling of being recognized as super deserving.

Its an opportunity for the family to express their undying love for us as mothers, and our indispensability to life as they know it. All the homemade cards, kisses, hugs, and smiles, along with the other service-oriented jobs, are what make this and Father's day fun and memorable. Amidst the slight chaos are the moments cherished when a child of any age looks you in the eye and says, "I Love You." Little surprises here and there remind you to smile and be happy all day long. Our reaction to children's expressions of love may be short lived in our minds, but last a lifetime in their minds.

Sometimes it's best to look beyond the messes, the disputes, dirty clothes on the floor, and appreciate the gestures offered from children learning how to give sincerely. Time passes too fast and children grow up and move out, leaving moms and dads with only memories of those special days.

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