Friday, August 9, 2013

Go Back and Save Us!

There's a story of a man who lived nearly 100 years ago who had a dream in which he crossed beyond the veil of this world to the world of spirits. There he saw many beautiful things and felt at peace. He was guided to a large group of people who were his relatives, who'd lived their lives many years before. When they recognized who he was, and that he was their descendant, they cheered for him and longed for him to stay with them. But then they came to understand that he had the power to enable them to be tied together forever as a family and not be eternal individuals. They all agreed and cheered for him to go back and make it possible for them to be linked together. For he was the only means in his generation that could perform this duty. All of their hopes rested on him. So he came back, in his dream, to fulfill the request of his ancestors by entering into a House of the Lord, and doing for them what they couldn't do for themselves: be linked, tied, and bound together as an eternal family.

Whether the dream is true or not, the concept is there. It is our blessing, in our day, to have the means to link our families together, both our immediate families, and those who've passed before us, and even ensure that our posterity will be tied to us as well. For when all is said and done in the end, it'll be to our credit that we fulfilled our desire to claim our ancestors, and help other families do the same.

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