Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweet Petal Stitchery - Baby Zoo Animals - Blue

Baby zoo animals adorn the top of this baby quilt, and a matching solid blue fabric is used for the backing. Half-inch batting, and hand stitching throughout make this quilt quite versatile. I made a narrow 5/8" blue binding and stitched it with a secure, decorative machine stitch (which is the only machine stitch used on this quilt)

This baby quilt measures about 43 inches wide, and 42 inches high. Nearly square, it is larger than commercial baby quilts. It can be used as a floor blanket for baby to roll around on or used as a crib quilt.

Cotton/polyester fabric is used for top and bottom fabric, 100% polyester batting, and cotton/polyester thread complete this quilt. Perfect for the washer and dryer.

Every baby quilt I make is completely hand-stitched according to the top fabric pattern and has a machine stitched binding.

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Nonna Beach said...

Wow that is beautiful...what an awesome gift of time and love !!!