Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Renaissance Festival - Arizona

The Renaissance Fair just opened in Arizona this past weekend, and we discovered that, after never having been to one before, it was a worthwhile day spent taking pictures.

Hey, Nunnie, Nunnie is a hilarious act. These two ladies crack one joke after another. They spend their time laughing, and making everyone else laugh on and off the stage!

This (above) is Twig. She's a favorite fairy!

Interesting sight strolling down a main street!

Here is a "knight in shining armor."

One of many shops to buy period cothing.

Jousting was a fun event to watch! Nobody got hurt and one knight won!


Nonna Beach said...

Wow, that fair is sister-in-law & cousin are really into they whole fair thing...they go to them all the time dressed in costumes and have a ball !

Melissa said...

we enjoy going to a similar fair when they come to Utah in May. We always have a good time. My husband enjoys dressing up for it too. :)

Julie said...

Fun! I would LOVE to go to something like this.